LAROMATICA eau de toilette


A Latina-owned and operated artisan fragrance company based in Northern California offering small-batch, non-gendered fragrances, made with exquisite botanical ingredients and aroma molecules.

SEAFARING MAN // Notes: Aquatic Accord, Sea Moss, Dune Plants, Bergamot, Sea Salt

Fragrance Family: Unisex, Masculine, Aquatic, Fresh

HEMLOCK // Notes: Leather, Tobacco, Cannabis, Gin, Beer, and Sweat.

Fragrance Family: Woodsy, Masculine, Unisex, Smoky.

CHANSON // Notes: Cucumber, Mimosa, Muguet, Sichuan Pepper, Honeycomb, Vetiver, Soft Woods, Suede

Fragrance Family: Floral, Green

BROCADE // Notes: Yuzu Grapefruit, Peach Nectar, Carnation, Jasmine, Rose, Ambergris, Myrrh

Fragrance Family: Feminine, Fruity-Floral, Floriental.

DESERT MAN // Notes: Sun-Bleached Woods, Sagebrush, White Musk (Vegan), Myrrh, Sweetgrass.

Fragrance Family: Woodsy, Herbal, Resinous.

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