Dream Lion Incense

Dream Lion Incense Cones


This cone shaped incense is made of natural materials and exotic scents crafted from woods, saps, resins, and flowers. 

Dream Lion scents are made to cleanse the air, great for meditation and to bring high vibes to the environment.

Handmade in Austin, Texas 


Made of premium white dessert sage, Mayan copal resin, and blended with red sandal wood and pinyon. Greenbox is an earthy, uplifting and purifying scent.


A abundant blend of pinyon, sandalwood, makko and trementia resin. This Dream Lion original is a personal favorite and is soothing, relaxing, and purifying.


A rich blend of benzoin resin, sandalwood, wild rose petals and pinyon.

A beautiful and unique scent that is calming and brings clarity in order to create an environment that fosters creative imagination.

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