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Dram Bitters

Dram Bitters

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Our bitters are designed to offer the healing magic of plants, as well as wonderful flavor. Bitters are an extract of plants that contain principles such as volatile oils and alkaloids. These compounds trigger a sensory response in the mouth, kick-starting the digestive system and offering relief from indigestion over-indulgence or a sour stomach. They are a wonderful way to add a bit of plant magic into your daily life. 

Bitters can be added to sparking or still water, juice, coffee, tea, and smoothies. In cocktails/ mocktails they work their magic by adding that "missing something" to balance out the flavors. Think of them like spices. 


BLACK BITTERS// DRAM Black is a shadowy and lavish blend of all herbs Black. These are the bitters you want to use to dress up classics like an Old Fashioned or Manhattan. The flavor is complex, yet blends well with any recipe- sweet or savory.

Ingredients: Non GMO Glycerin, Water, *Cardamom, *Black Currants, *Hawthorn Berry, *Fair Trade Black Tea, Herbs and Spices, Lemon Salt.

WILD MOUNTAIN SAGE BITTERS// Conjured forth using wildcrafted Colorado Sage handpicked in the waning summer sunshine complimented with a touch of dried orange peel.

ingredients: Non GMO Glycerin, Water, Wild Sage, *Orange Peel, *Herbs and Spices, Lemon Salt.

CITRUS BITTERS// Citrus bitters are a blend of organic citrus and blossoms, evoking a warm sunny day in a flowering citrus grove.

Ingredients: Non GMO Glycerin, Purified Water, *Citrus Rinds, *Orange Blossom Water, *Hibiscus Petals, Lemon Salt.

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