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Circular Living

Mineral Bath Soak

Mineral Bath Soak

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Green Tea & Eucalyptus: 
For sore muscles with french green clay, green tea, eucalyptus and lavender to purify the mind and relax the body. 

Rose Petal & Geranium: 
A luxurious mineral soak with rose, geranium, and lemon to balance the skin and cleanse the mind and body. 

Vetiver & Bergamot: 
With colloidal oats, bergamot and vetiver to nourish the skin and ground the body. 
Colloidal oats soothe, soften, cleanse and support dry skin. 

Pour 1/4 cup or sachet into bath and soak into mineral bliss. 
9 oz 

Inspired by the circular regenerative cycles and interconnectedness of nature, Circular Living is a way of being in reciprocal relationship with the earth based in Santa Cruz, Ca. 

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