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Medicine Mama | Mother's Day Offering


This year, Emily of Kin&Kitchen and I are looping in an aspect to The Plants we’ve long studied study and admired into our Mother’s Day offering. MEDICINE MAMA is meant for the people that are always making it feel All Better.

The Flowers are rosy, juicy California blooms paired with herbs that do deep work for mind body and soul. Rosemary for memory and protection. Black and White, (homegrown and tended) Sage for cleansing and clarity. Calendula for soothing and healing. Redwood for strength and grounding. Nasturtium for energy and zest for life. Gathered in a hand-tied bouquet or arranged in a vase.

The Healing Salve is a long coveted blend from Emily’s kitchen that is organically sourced & reverentially foraged. Sesame oil - triple infused with Redwood, Doug fir, and Knobcone pine. Coconut oil, unrefined Bonny Doon beeswax. A soothing, restorative balm made with gentle yet protective ingredients. Poured into a ceramic handbuilt Venusian seashell created by our Greek Aquarian legend and brethren Dafni Moon of Clothing Optional Ceramics. This gorgeous small dish is meant to sit at the lip of your sink for you to dip into whenever smoothing some Good Medicine on hardworked hands that are forever reaching, tending, planting, making and baking sounds right. Use to the shell to hold precious treasure long after the salve has gone.

Quantities are limited.

Delivery is $30 for Bay Area delivery, (East Bay/San Francisco/South Bay), $20 for Monterey County (Monterey/Carmel/Carmel Valley), and $10 Santa Cruz on Saturday, May 13.

Free Eothen Circle pickup is available on Saturday, May 13 and Sunday, May 14.

*If you are interested in getting the Salve shipped to you--click here

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