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A pleasure filled, picnic style Valentine's offering created by Kin&Kitchen x Eothen. A luscious love package of flowers, food and beverage. Available for pre-order Sunday Feb 12 through Tuesday Feb 14, with limited day-of inventory. Pre-order to be sure you can revel in all the delights! 

We are so lucky to be partnering with the beautiful 1 Hotel San Francisco for a Feb 12 pick up pop-up, along with our dear pals at the Apéro Club for a Santa Cruz loqs option. Read on! 

EOTHEN // flowers

a Cali winter seasonal mix of Sweet Pea, Jasmine, Ranunculus, Jonquil and Hellebore in two palettes: 
1. SUNNY - a light bright dose of yellow, hot pink, rust and cream or 
2. SULTRY - haze of terracotta, mauve, coral and aubergine

& in two forms: 
1. IN A VASE - $165, in an earthy matte ceramic bowl 
2. HAND-TIE - $145, wrapped in our signature tissue, tucked into an eco-wrap water reservoir and tied off with ribbon.



This year's Valentine’s Day treat offering from Kin & Kitchen takes the form of a sunshine-y picnic basket, highlighting local citrus and love-promoting botanicals.

A 9” handled picnic basket is filled with Blood Orange marmalade, chewy honey nougat with Pistachio + Rose + Cardamom, Sesame-cheddar crackers, fromage fort made with a blend of Marin county soft cheeses + edible flower confetti, a citrus-scented, gold-flecked adaptogenic aphrodisiac cookie made with Anoint Daily botanicals, and a small bottle of Yuzu shrub. - $65

SATURATION is to engage in flower and food delights. Hand-tie of flowers + basket of food - $200

NATTY JUICE X NATTY BLOOMS  is a special, Santa Cruz loqs option. A bottle of sexy, delicious, romantic red wine from Apéro Club and a hand tie bouquet from Eothen available for free pickup from both of our locations. 

We are offering both delivery and pickup, which may be selected using the form at checkout 

Sunday, Feb 12 //
1 HOTEL San Francisco 11am-2pm
Eothen Circle, 10am-5pm

Monday, Feb 13 //
$25 BAY WIDE Monterey to Marin
$10 all over Santa Cruz County 
at Apero Club 3pm-9pm
at Eothen Circle  10am-5pm

Tuesday, Feb 14 //
FREE PICKUP AT Eothen Circle10am-5pm      

DELIVERY $10 all over Santa Cruz County 

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