Corpus Ritual

At the Threshold Tincture


At the Threshold is a remedy for the times we are in. Where the full collapse is so clearly outside of us, in our world which also always means it is inside us too., like a mirror. It's a blend for when the heart is shattered and you're feeling kinda like fuck everything but you gotta witness the grief, stay alive, grow deeper roots, step into the void, reconnect with the bits of joy you can find, keep supporting yourself and your people as you bloom out of the rubble and into something new.

It's a blend for holding us at the edges, for sopping up the wounds, for keeping our hearts soft so they don't harden, even if it would make more sense for them to. It's a blend for the time after you pull The Tower tarot card, for staying open even through destruction. It's a blend for getting the fuck out of that burning building because you know your life depends on it. For trusting that the universe will not abandon you and a promise to yourself that you won't abandon yourself either. 

Ingredients: mullein, yarrow, rose, st. john's wort, mimosa and vodka

Not for use for people taking SSRIs as St. John's Wort is contraindicated. And if you are taking estrogen or HRT, if your levels are "balanced" it can shift the levels a bit and could make it seem as if you are a bit deficient, while taking SJW, or overloaded if you stop. It's not necessarily a reason to not take it, but something to consider and perhaps if you do decide to try it, a lower dose and monitoring your levels is ideal. 

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