Corpus Ritual

Corpus Ritual Tea Blends


Day BreakPerfect for your morning start or for the mid-afternoon slump, Day Break tea is a vitamin-rich, relaxing, grounding, digestion-soothing blend of nettle, sage, lemon balm, & tulsi. You can even brew it and add it to green or black tea if you still want some caffeine.

Sip on ThisA damiana, skullcap, oat tops, & chamomile blend for nervous system restoration and anxiety reduction to help break and shift cravings.

Sweet SleepA blend of passionflower, skullcap, & peppermint, this cooling tea blend is soothing to the nervous system for those nights of racing thoughts and insomnia. It’s a great nightcap.

2oz. compostable bag. 

All herbs are either locally and ethically hand-collected or come from an organic herb company or farm.

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