Earl of the East

Air Freshener


Portable fragrance for new adventures. Place this air freshener in your car, wardrobe, gym bag, or wherever else you fancy. Made from cellulose cardboard & recyclable packaging. 


An earthy blend of cedarwood, oakmoss, and black pepper, Shinrin-Yoku is inspired by the Japanese ritual of forest bathing. 


A fresh blend of sweet vine tomato, parsley seed and basil, Greenhouse is inspired by the rural villages of the Greek mainland. 


A complex blend of mandarin rind, seaweed, birch wood and bay leaf, Strand is inspired by the cobbled streets of Copenhagen. 


A traditional blend of jasmine, gardenia, and rose geranium, Wildflower is inspired by the great English countryside.


A sweet combination of coconut, oregano, and fig. Viagem is inspired by the mellow city of Lisbon. 

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