Anoint Daily

Anoint Daily Mist


Anoint daily mist is an all over spray used to cleanse, invigorate and create joy within your space, on your person or on the go. Anointing oils have been around for thousands of years and used in rituals spanning cultures across the globe. 

Hand bottled in small batches in sunny Southern California with organically sourced ingredients. Sustainably packaged in glass bottles and shipped in recycled, recyclable and upcycled materials.

Ingredients and properties: Frankincense oil to calm, ease anxiety, and aid with sleep. Rose Otto oil to bring harmony and for its anti-inflammatory properties. Lavender oil to reduce stress, headaches, and pain. Vetiver oil for its sensual and grounding properties. Clary Sage oil to promote healthy skin, and rid of bad odors. Sweet Orange oil to uplift and refresh. Jojoba oil base oil because it is the closest to our natural skin oil, and provides natural SPF.

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