Eye Pillow


Ahimsa silk, organic buckwheat filling, vetiver root.

Removable handwoven ahimsa silk cover, insert is khadi cotton filled with organic buckwheat and vetiver root to enhance your practice.
Vetiver is a holy herb that has its name etched in the oldest sacred book of Hindus known as Bhagavad Gita where Lord Krishna says, “I am the fragrance of the soil“. This reminds us about the universal truth that the Creator is present in all creatures born on the planet Earth and is nurtured by the rich flavors of Mother Nature. The roots of this mythological herb are often used to extract essential oils, however we have chosen to use whole roots to fully experience the sweet and woody scent and to feel the grounding energy of the complete plant.

Alia of ODE is based on Vancouver Island, Canada. Their offerings follow the ethos; slow, handcrafted and from nature.

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