Eothen Circle is terra firma for our work with flowers and a curation of products we use love, use personally and stand behind. An earth temple we hope you want to return to and explore - again and again.
The Circle centers womyn, queer and BIPOC makers, healers and teachers by means of our apothecary inventory, staffing and storytelling. We are a neo-feminist business that applies critical thinking and questioning to capitalism and meritocracy. It is a safe space for Beings of all races, genders and backgrounds. We are constantly learning and efforting to practice these tenets with gained clarity and insight. We invite you to join in this exploration, share your knowledge, and participate in the practice of conscious consumerism.
The ever-changing Online Portal is intended to share Circle offerings with those near and far, especially during a time where health and practice of boundaries is paramount. So…thank you in advance for your grace and patience! If you are a person for whom trade or barter for skills or time is better applicable than financial exchange, please write us HERE.
We are currently accommodating free local pickup and domestic shipping for online orders from the Apothecary, with free shipping over orders of $150.
Fresh flowers arrive on Wednesdays, which you’re welcome to put in-hand yourself or select from one of our Lunation Bouquets at $45.
If you have specific inquiries around our flower offerings within the Circle, please write Katie HERE.
Thank you for coming along this journey with us,
we look forward to evolving and exploring our relationship with Nature/ourselves with you!