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BKIND Nail Polish

BKIND Nail Polish

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77% plant-based and 21-FREE

Most of the nail polish on the market contains multiple toxic ingredients that can be harmful to you, and some contain animal ingredients. BKIND has developed a range of cruelty-free, plant-based and 21-FREE nail polishes, meaning they are free of 21 toxic ingredients that are generally found in nail polish. You can now enjoy beautiful colored nails while respecting animals, the environment and yourself.

Le Fjord: deep and opaque ocean blue.

En Beau Fusil: dark and rich forest green.

Sassy Swan: iridescent and opaque ice blue.

Montréal: soft, cold and classic beige.

S'pas chaud: pearly and frosty olive green.

Tiguidou: dusty purple with dark lavender undertones.

Bon: a soft beige with pale pink undertones.

Ingrédients: a soft, light and shaded pinky beige.

Atwater: soft, rich and cloudy grey-white.

Naturels: a very pale terracotta

Pisces: a hazy and pale turquoise blue

Aries: a bright and vibrant plum shade of purple

Gemini: a rich and opaque candy pink

Perle: semi-transparent white with a pearly finish. Holographic effect!

Sapa Valley: a light mossy green.

Speakeasy:  a clear, glittery nail polish with a light pink tint.


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