Circular Bodies

Circular Bodies Soap


3-in-1 shampoo, face and body soap. Gently cleans, rebalancing scalp’s oils while protecting sensitive skin. 

RED CLAY // made with nourishing base oils of sesame and olive, as well as essential oils of calming Lavender and antibacterial Tea Tree

MATCHA // unscented and 100% organic, especially formulated for sensitive skin and scalp.

SUN BODY BAR // made with a blend of vetiver, lemon and cedar wood essential oils, especially formulated for the last bits of a fresh and earth summer.

MIST //  Created to remind us of the clear and deep scent of a forest after the rain , it is fresh and detoxifying, reminding us of the healing felt by our souls when venturing into the woods.  With notes of Cypress, Rosemary & Mint. 

TERRA // Created to remind us of warm holiday traditions , it is grounding and activating, reminding us of the rich soil beneath our feet, our "Terra". With notes of Sweet orange, Frankincense & Clove. 

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