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Compasión En Tiempos de Crisis


Co-written and curated by Kailea Frederick and Kate Weiner with a vibrant cover by Vyana Novus, Compassion in Times of Crisis weaves interviews with climate disaster survivors with resources on disaster prevention to offer our community an accessible guide to resiliency and regeneration. in the Anthropocene.

As climate change accelerates, seasonal life is taking on new forms. For many of us, spring, summer, fall, and winter are very different from the seasons we grew up with. In the western United States, wildfire season extends into the fall, and in the Northeast, heavy rains flood farms. The unpredictability and extent of these “natural” disasters ––much more catastrophic as a result of man-made climate change–– is redefining our everyday lives.

Compassion in Times of Crisis is a study in self-sovereignty. In the midst of disasters, communities of assistance have been created independent of government intervention to care for their loved ones, rebuild their homes and strengthen their extended family networks. Working together to manage disasters and face change, we hope that our reading provides space for your pain, inspires you to cultivate resilience, and connects you with coping strategies.

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