La Abeja Herbs

Jasmine Flower Essence

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After suffering great loss, we often find ourselves hopeless and disoriented—the world around us colorless. Jasmine brings us back to our senses and the world of the Living. She returns the soft song of birds to our awareness and the rustling of Autumn leaves overhead. Jasmine is the beginning and the end—the goddess of compassion with whom we can seek refuge when our hearts are heavy. When grief seems too great, Jasmine holds us so that we can surrender to the feeling and follow the thread which leads us back to Life. Her essence moves us through sorrows untold, and helps us to remember that this is the medicine.

La Abeja Herbs medicine’s are made by hand, in small batches, in a way that all of our ancestors would recognize. Our formulae are elegantly simple and remarkably effective. Each remedy is inspired by the plants themselves and offered humbly to you on your journey in hopes that it will bring you closer to yourself and to the land.

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