Eothen Circle

SPRING Lunation Subscription


March+April+May flowers to honor the cycles and seasons, however you invoke them, arranged in a handmade ceramic cup. Intended to be placed in any special nook, or on a surface that would revel in some beauty. Perfect for an altar, bedside table, kitchen counter or an entryway shelf.

You’ll select “Full” or “New” moon with your purchase. For the next three months, you’ll receive your flowers two days before the lunar event, along with a guided missive via email on what to honor and how you can celebrate. This may include a meditation, energy raising playlist, we’ll see where it takes us!

Your subscription includes the purchase of two vessels from Blackwing Clay, in Fin and Facet shape, fired in an Agave glaze. These cups will be rotated with each lunation cycle, so we’ll trade with you each time you pickup / we deliver. Pickup at Circle is always free, and a ONE TIME delivery cost is location dependent (see options at checkout).

Looking forward to connecting with you with Spring Flowers!

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