La Abeja Herbs

Herbs For The Feminine Heart


The healing power of plant medicine goes much deeper than simply helping to ward off flus and relieve menstrual cramps -- our green relations offer some of the most profound spiritual teachings and emotional support available to us as humans. This ten page booklet offers an intimate glimpse into the medicine of some of our most precious plant allies -- those herbs which have a particular affinity for fortifying a weary heart, bringing strength and courage in times of adversity, and reminding us of the Love that is available to us on every step of our Sacred Path.

In addition to introducing the personalities and specific indications of individual plants, this booklet serves as an invitation to engage your Heart as the incredibly powerful organ of perception that it truly is. Within these pages you will find words to which reawaken a memory of this sensitivity and receptivity in your everyday life. May it serve as a rich resource for cultivating an ever more subtle sense of inner vision and act as a potent stepping stone on your journey to discovering the essence of Love and Communion which resides in all things. A simple classic you'll treasure for many years to come.​

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