La Abeja Herbs

Magenta Cholla Flower Essence

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Magenta Cholla Flower Essence reconnects you with your ability to be guided from within and to trust your path, even in times of chaos, darkness, or initiation. It helps you to choose your teachers and allies wisely—knowing when someone or something is meant to come deeply into your world or remain as an outer planet, orbiting far from your center. Magenta Cholla brings a sense of heightened discernment and the unwavering ability to trust your own inner knowing. It helps to create boundaries that are wise but not rigid and which protect you from potential harm or manipulation. This flower essence one of the most powerful medicines for mid-wifing oneself through a time of cosmic transformation, initiation, and blossoming into Fullness. It is the essence best suited for the act of self initiation -- as an adult, a healer, a teacher.

La Abeja Herbs medicine’s are made by hand, in small batches, in a way that all of our ancestors would recognize. Our formulae are elegantly simple and remarkably effective. Each remedy is inspired by the plants themselves and offered humbly to you on your journey in hopes that it will bring you closer to yourself and to the land.

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