La Abeja Herbs

Saguaro Flower Essence

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The Saguaro is an ancient cactus whose wide, white blossoms nourish countless pollinators. While driving through the desert, their towering presence in the otherwise low-lying landscape is nothing short of majestic. Saguaro helps heal our relationship with the masculine. It teaches us to walk with dignity and live from a place of inner authority. It shows us how to create safety for ourselves and those we love through the power of presence alone.

It is particularly helpful for moments when we are tempted to seek grounding and emotional containment through lovers, friends, or partners. In moments such as these, Saguaro reminds us that lasting comfort ultimately comes from within. Its medicine helps us feel capable of meeting our own needs. It gives us the confidence and courage necessary to pursue our dreams and reminds us that we are fully responsible for our lives. It helps us see that we are sovereign unto ourselves and invites us to align with and commit to our destiny.

La Abeja Herbs medicine’s are made by hand, in small batches, in a way that all of our ancestors would recognize. Our formulae are elegantly simple and remarkably effective. Each remedy is inspired by the plants themselves and offered humbly to you on your journey in hopes that it will bring you closer to yourself and to the land.

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