Aspen Bark Spray


Aspen Bark Spray is a fantastic first aid spray for home and field work to quell bleeding from cuts and wounds, sanitize hands and keep things clean without the use of antibacterial agents. Yarrow is a potent styptic, and will immediately stop bleeding when applied in any form. Aspen Bark and Yarrow are a terrific duo to bring relief from hemorrhoids, and the spray makes application very easy.

Loam is a clinical herbalism practice and a plant medicine shop, but it is also a keepsake, a totem of something bigger. Halley Roberts Strongwater started loam to keep all of us connected to our roots, to the ground beneath our feet—the soil and life constantly surging around us. These ecosystems inform everything about our health, well-being, and existence on this planet. This business was born out of her desire to participate in the healing of the earth by empowering and inspiring other humans on this planet to take responsibility for their health and well-being.

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