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Eothen Circle

Maria Talbot Healing Immersion

Maria Talbot Healing Immersion

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February 18th & 19th ,
4:30-7:30 pm
 402 Ingalls St. Suite 15,
Santa Cruz, Ca 95060

Join us at the Circle for a Healing Immersion with Maria Talbot. Receive tools on clearing outdated belief systems and blockages that are holding you back from your full potential and intuitive gifts. Through visualization techniques, ancient activations, quantum healing, shamanic alchemy and sacred practices you will experience the great benefits of resetting, reclaiming and replenishing your power back into your life.

Energy Healing - on a cellular, physical and energetic level 

Soul Retrieval - of scattered or fragmented parts of self 

Breaking Contracts and Energetic Cords - with people, places, traumas, experiences

Clearing Lack- and release of karmic contracts inherited through the lineage and or manifested on a subconscious level
Abundance Activation- of inner potential, your own magic, creativity and your relationship with money 

Past Life Healing-  journey beyond this realm into retrieval of the medicine of your past existence

Journaling- prompts, medicine and clearings
Inner Child Healing- relationship connection and commitment to the most sacred part of self.

Maria Talbot is an integrative and intuitive quantum healer, shamanic alchemist, yoga instructor, homeopathic, clairvoyant, bodyworker and Medicine Woman. In 2012 she created her company NAMASTEMADRE to share her gifts and offer workshops, individual sessions, group offerings and retreats. These include her creative offerings of Goddess Circle, Intuitive Series, Sacred Circle, Enlightened Youth Project. Sound Healing and Guided Meditation Experience, Golden Healing Breathwork and Drum Making Ceremony. 

As a channel, she holds space for others while leading in practices that create deep transformational healing. Connecting clients to the Quantum field allows them to release trauma, dense energy, toxic energy, outdated programming and outdated belief systems at the root cause and on a subconscious level. Through this powerful connection, clients are able to open up their divine channels of light and realign their energy into a flow state. 

Led by her deep intuitive insight, spiritual practices, gifts and extensive studies - her work is unique and effective. With a focus on developing healing, well being, self empowerment, clarity, unity, and happiness she guides her clients in releasing stagnant patterns, experiences, and energy that no longer serve the body. Maria is devoted to sharing the message of healing through inner awakening, realization of the power of self- healing and the allowance of personal empowerment.


Option for 1 day class (2/18) or 2 day class for a deeper dive. 

This class is offered at a sliding scale, please register at the value that makes the most sense for where you are in your financial security. Two-day immersion is Opt A / $350, Opt B / $333 / Opt C $299.

There is also the SPONSORSHIP option, which covers the cost of the class to a marginalized community member. Should you choose to play your abundance forward, you'll be receiving a handwritten thank you from us and some most excellent vibes from the Universe. 

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