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Neptune Oil

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Neptune Oil is finally here! Our lightweight, moisturizing face oil to use liberally day & night.

The ingredients are simple, natural and intentional.

Grape seed Oil is non-comedogenic and lightweight to penetrate the skin quickly without a greasy residue.

Kukui Nut Oil contains linoleic acid, which can help calm the skin and reduce inflammation.

Blue Chamomile is what makes this oil BLUE and packs a potent medicinal punch. The deep blue hue results from the natural azulene released during distillation. It has highly potent anti-inflammatory properties and can really soothe irritated skin.

Skin struggles are so personal and unique to each person, and we all have different root causes. This oil is perfect for anyone with inflamed, sensitive skin. You know your skin situation the best; do your own research and decide if this oil is right for you!

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