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Olamina Botanicals

Olamina Botancials Simples Tincture

Olamina Botancials Simples Tincture

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Made from just two ingredients, simples are a preparation of a single medicinal plant. Simples are perfect for those who need the powers of one herbal ally to meet a specific need. All organic constituents.

Feverfew, Tanacetum parthenium // anti-inflammatory

Wild Lettuce, Lactuca spp. // pain and sleep

Kava Kava, Piper methysticum // euphoric joy

Olamina Botanicals is a bioregional apothecary crafting tinctures, tonics, syrups and salves in Munsee Lenape territory, Brooklyn, New York. Founder Jess Turner is a Black clinical and community herbalist whose practice is centered on helping frontline communities repair through connection to the land and plants growing around them.

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