Olamina Botanicals

Olamina Botanicals Throat Spray


Tingle and tickle the microorganisms responsible for a sore throat into oblivion with our Sore Throat Spray.

"One of our most loved cold remedies, the backbone of our Sore Throat spray is a plant called Spilanthes, a very special flowering medicinal full of a type of alkamides called isobutylamides, which make the mouth tingle. Similar to the sensation you get from eating Sichuan peppercorns—because Sichuan peppercorns are rich in isobutylamides, too—that tingling is how you know the spray is doing its job!

We rounded this formula out with Angelica archangelica tincture, Elecampane tincture, a strong Anise Hyssop decoction and honey from a local apiary. Comes with spray pump."

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