Prickly Pear Lotion

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Naturally pink, incredibly soft and smooth, smells like a smoothie. Opuntia fruit is inherently very sweet and contains skin hydrating fatty acids. Pairing this with glycerine makes this an extremely nourishing facial lotion. 

Recommended for anyone with skin that needs a little extra love. This is a wonderful product for those of us with overactive oil glands; glycerine helps hold water in your skin and can support a healthy oil-water balance. This is also a great lotion for those folks with extremely dry and inflamed skin as well.*

Available in 2oz frosted glass jars. Please note that color varies and over time the color will fade, this does not decrease the efficacy or potency.

NOTE: Color may vary due to natural variation in Pickly Pear fruit. For a longer shelf life, please store in fridge.

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