Eothen Circle

Solstice Sound Healing with Sarah Cruse

Monday, December 20th from 6-8pm
Join in a cleansing, healing, experiential evening with healing facilitator and performing artist, Sarah Cruse as we prepare ourselves for the long dark nights that come with the Winter Solstice, and embrace what exists there. 

We will be practicing inside Eothen Circle, so registration is limited. Participants must provide proof of vaccination or a negative test result so all feel comfortable in the enclosed space. Due to the nature of the practice, we will not be wearing masks, so mutual trust is key! 
Please bring a mat and/or pieces to sit on comfortably. We will be journaling, sound-making, and exploring our depths. Sarah will primarily lead us with both collaborative sound-making, and healing performance. 

Value of the workshop is $77. Hot tea will be provided. We look forward to sharing such a special stretch of an evening with you!

Words from Sarah: This discovery around the profound and transformational experience of my own voice, being felt and witnessed, led me into a great curiosity and deep love affair with sound.  In particular, a love for the "pure tone", a long singular tone that I could make with my own voice.  The spoken word/tone carries a vibrational pattern.  Vibration is the fundamental expression of the universe.  When I am speaking or sounding/singing I am actively in collaboration with the worlds in me and around me.  This discovery around vibration led me into the world of sound healing, a vast, empty, and colorful world.  I say empty because being present to sound means to be full with listening.  I am only listening, empty of everything else, including  judgement.  Inside of that, the whole universe begins to reveal itself to me, and I can then meet it with resonance.  Resonance says, "I see you, I feel you, I am here with you, you exist, you are not alone”. 

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