Temple Copal

Temple Copal Incense


COPAL is an ancient aromatic resin derived from the sap or “blood” of the Bursera tree hardened over time in contact with the air. Burned ceremonially by Mesoamerican cultures for cleansing, healing, and divine energy, WHITE copal is believed sacred and highly-valued for its purifying properties & scarcity as a “wild-harvest” sap.

TEMPLE COPAL is 100% Pure WHITE Ceremonial-Grade copal resin - ZERO filler / ZERO additives or impurities. WHITE copal is the most scarce & most valued of all copal resins as it has naturally aged the longest. To this day Aztec & Mayan ancestors believe copal to be a medicinal offering from the soul of the trees and a divine connection with the ceremony of nature.

“Life is a Ceremony. Earth is a Temple.” - Temple Copal©

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