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Our vessel votive is a beautiful, long-burning candle that becomes more luminous as it burns, and leaves a delicate, bowl-shaped remnant upon finish. One of our longest-burning candles, the vessel typically burns *without dripping* for 20 to 30 hours in wind-free conditions.

dimensions:   3 1/4” x 3 1/4” x 2”

Each candle is unique and distinctive; no two are exactly the same.  Some variations in color and texture are to be expected, and enjoyed. HANDS candles are all hand-poured in HANDS studios (Marin, CA or the Catskills in NY) 

Focusing on materiality over materialism, HANDS creates limited release custom works and thoughtfully produced products with a focus on the longevity of craft, ethical sourcing, localized manufacturing, and understated design. 

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