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Watercolor Interiors Class with Lindsay Stripling

Watercolor Interiors Class with Lindsay Stripling

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Tuesday August 16th
402 Ingalls St, Ste 15
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

In this class we are going to use watercolor to focus on light and space as we create a small watercolor painting of an interior! The way that light changes throughout the day and affects color and mood is something that has been explored by artists for forever and there is a reason for it! It’s fun! We will cover some basics of color and how to use watercolor at the start of class, and then we will all paint from the same interior view, thinking about how to use color and light and shadow to create drama and mood.

Each student will get 3 Case For Making paints, handmade in San Francisco to take home and the class will include paper, brushes and other materials needed but you are welcome to bring your own!

Lindsay Stripling is a San Francisco based artist, illustrator and teacher. Her work is always coming from a place of layering, texture and experimentation. She likes to keep things playful and explore themes of nature, time, memory, community and psychology.

This class is offered at a sliding scale, please register at the value that makes the most sense for where you are in your financial security. There is also the SPONSORSHIP option, which covers the cost of the class to a marginalized community member. Should you choose to play your abundance forward, you'll be receiving a handwritten thank you from us and some most excellent vibes from the Universe. 

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