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Casey Zabala

Yearly Tarot Archetypes: Riding the Chariot and Turning towards Strength

Yearly Tarot Archetypes: Riding the Chariot and Turning towards Strength

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Sunday, December 10

402 Ingalls St, Ste 15
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

The tarot is not only a tool for divination, but also a system that supports us in making sense of our personal and collective psyches. Each year corresponds numerologically with a tarot archetype, coloring the ways we navigate through our realities. 2023 has been symbolized by The Chariot archetype, and with the Chariot as our guide, themes of motivation, heart centered action, and expansion have been at the forefront of our consciousness. Our tarot archetype for 2024 takes us in a more inward direction, towards cultivating Strength…

Join Casey Zabala for a creative and contemplative journey with the Major Arcana. During this Tarot Archetype workshop, we will get cozy with the 2023 and 2024 tarot archetypes, integrating 2023’s lessons through the mission of The Chariot, and attuning to the wisdom of 2024 through the Strength archetype. Using our tarot decks as our guides, we will call in closure for 2023 and start to shape our personal intentions for the year ahead. Incorporating the lessons of these tarot archetypes into your yearly cycles of growth can offer us grounding during deeply transformative times. 

Casey Zabala is an author, artist, intuitive witch, and the founder of Modern Witches Confluence. She is the creatrix of both Wanderer's Tarot, a feminist tarot deck for modern witches, and Wyrd Sisters Oracle, an oracle deck for connecting with one’s personal magic. Casey has been working within the intuitive and symbolic realms for 20 years. Whether writing, art-making, or teaching, magic will always fall at the center of her practice. She believes that divination is a tool for empowerment, re-enchantment, and healing, and supports others on their path of self-discovery. Casey aims to guide individuals through their personal transformation with creativity and magic, by teaching ancient tools to modern seekers, while creating community along the way.
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