Corpus Ritual

Yikes Cramps Tincture


For when you need a little pain relief for that time of the month. This formula is for anyone who menstruates. It’s meant to ease pain including headaches and reduce cramping and bloating while helping to support overall regulation of your menstrual cycle. There’s even a little anxiety and overall PMS support.

It’s best utilized by taking it daily for a handful of days before your period to help with PMS and cycle regulation and then, as your cycle begins, if you start to experience pain, you can take it every few hours for the first few days. As your body builds up a relationship with the plants, you will hopefully notice relief from some of the symptoms in those first few days. More directions for use on the bottle

Ingredients: cramp bark, white willow bark, motherwort, wild lettuce, mugwort, cinnamon chip, & vodka

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