Eothen Circle

YULE CELEBRATION with Eothen Circle x James Francis x the NORN Wyrd Sisters x Kin and Kitchen


12.18.21 // 6:00-8:00pm

It's time to celebrate, with revelry and reflection, the YULE holiday. Ritual and ceremony offered by the NORN sisters, with magical elixir libations from Kin and Kitchen, and deeply soulful meditation from James Francis. This cannot be missed!

We’ll gather together under the glow of stars and dance of candle flame, to bathe in our inner light and shine it outward. NORN we will be casting a protective circle in the pagan style and opening a sacred ceremonial space in which to work. We’ll do an activity, ritually imbibe in California Wassail, and reflect on this moment in our lives as we dwell in the cavern of Yule, the darkest moment in the wheel of the year, with a guided meditation lead by James Francis to help release what is no longer serving us and converse with the divine unknown. All experience levels are welcome.

The entrance ticket is $77, which includes a copy of James Francis's publication "A Guide to Self-Guided Meditation", libations from Kin and Kitchen, and glittering ceremony created by NORN. $7 of every registration will be donated to Save Our Shores. Minimum registration is 7 and maximum is 17. Depending on the number of participants, we will possibly be celebrating outside - so please dress appropriately. We will be in touch prior to the event with that detail!

**California Wassail - fresh pressed heirloom Apple cider, Prickly Pear, Hawthorne, Rose Hips & warming winter spices

**words from James - Meditation bridges the imagined space between earth and ether.
It grounds us, lifts us, centers us—no matter where we are.
Practicing meditation in a group setting is a uniquely impactful experience.
Communing beyond language, we delve into ourselves and raise the collective all at once. 

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