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Death Valley Nails

Death Valley Nail Polish

Death Valley Nail Polish

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This earth pigment nail polish is composed of rocks, bones, and other natural materials that were foraged by hand in specific locations and then broken down, by Death Valley Nails, into a pigment for nail polish. When wearing these polishes, you are physically wearing the place where the minerals in the pigment were foraged. A few of our more opaque Dust To Dust colors contain a small amount of earth mica as well as the mineral they are made up of to enhance the natural color. Powdered land. Powdered life.

Green Opal Stone, Winnemucca, Nevada
Moonstone, Rabb Canyon Nm

Quartz, Palmdale CA
Yellow Iron Ore, Wasatch Mountains, UT

GLOW Nail polish that glows in the dark when charged by direct sunlight or UV light

Gris-Gris of the Bog : ethereal purple with silver flakes / glows green
Marfa Lights: Etherea; 
Marfa Lights: Ethereal blue with shimmer/ glows greenish blue
Sobeknekeru's Sunken SarcophagusLime green with gold flakes / glows green

Tripping the Light Fantastic: multichrome pink/green/gold shimmer

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