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Eothen Circle

Ofrenda & Marigold Celebration

Ofrenda & Marigold Celebration

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Wednesday, November 1st

402 Ingalls St. Suite 15,

Santa Cruz, Ca 95060

Join us for an afternoon of celebration, honoring and ritual-making with friends and community. Together we'll weave marigold garlands and build a communal ofrenda to celebrate Dia de los Muertos & mark the season's transitions. Bring your kids! Bring your roommates! Bring your sweeties! And please bring a favored treat, a picture, a flower, any little token to place on the ofrenda. We will light candles at sunset & celebrate our loves & each other. 

We are requesting a donation of $15-$25 dollars to cover costs. This will get you a warm bowl of pozole made by the radiant Valentín Lopez of Four Calendar. 

About Edith and their Marigold lovesong:

Marigolds. Lining the path in their golden resplendence. Beacons of color and light in late autumn when the air is crisp, the days are shorter & the veil is thinner. Their lush petals, the herbaceous scent grounds us. Working with marigolds, making garlands, is my favorite way to connect myself to the present while reflecting on our ancestors & our beloveds who have passed. As a child of Mexican immigrants, it is these traditions that help us span & connect across space, time, borders & mountains. 

About Valentín & Four Calendar: 
From earth and water, Valentin Lopez is in search of precious gems and treasures to instill a sense of wonder in those who choose to consume with intention. Lifelong interests in agriculture and biology took root in their family’s origins in coastal Nayarit, Mexico. Their lived experience as an undocumented, queer immigrant, deeply informs how they navigate the world. A devotion to hyperlocal produce and foraged ingredients takes the driver’s seat here, with menus dictated by the sun and moon as an ode to the season.

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