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Eothen Circle

A Place to Put Your Grief

A Place to Put Your Grief

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Sunday, February 11 
402 Ingalls St  Suite 15

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

We swim through saltwater together. Tears. Sweat. Grief. The experience is shared and deeply felt by all of us who love the Earth, believe in the potential of humanity, and long for an end of pain and suffering. 

On Sunday during the arc of the Pisces New Moon, we will build a Grief Altar as a place to put our sadness. Feel free to come by and add your grief petition to the Weeping Tree. Light a candle. Speak a name. Leave a vial of water. Whatever you feel called towards as a way to be in community, and acknowledge this tender time. 

The Grief Altar will remain in place until the Spring Equinox.

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