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Maria Schoettler

Maria Schoettler Pop Up

Maria Schoettler Pop Up

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Saturday, December 9

402 Ingalls St. Suite 15,
Santa Cruz, Ca 95060

Maria Schoettler is an artist, illustrator, trail-walker, flower-stalker, farmers’ market sweetheart, and fairweather botanist currently based out of Monterey, California. She studied painting at UC Santa Cruz, where she earned a B.A. in Art Practice in 2007. In her early work, from her time at UCSC and beyond, it was the human form in all it's strangeness, it's expressive quirks, that held her attention, and it was there that her flair for color work became rooted in careful practice and grew into an artisan’s knowledge of how pigments interact on palette, canvas and page.

Join us for a festive day shopping her illustrative works on paper, textile and more!

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