Eothen Circle

Edible Natural History Salon: The Mighty Acorn

Thursday November 17th 4:00-5:00pm at 
Eothen Circle 402 Ingalls St. Suite 15
Santa Cruz, Ca 95060

Join Emily Beggs of Kin and Kitchen for an evening of oak worship. We’ll sample acorn-based snacks and discuss the cross-cultural significance and uses of acorns, as well as the ecology of California Oak Woodlands and their contributions to biodiversity in our home state. We’ll explore acorn nutrition, culinary uses, oak identification and conservation.
Emily is Kin and Kitchen co-founder and head chef. She has graduate training in ecological anthropology, and studied woodland foraging and coevolutionary processes between plants and people in Chile, Mexico and California.
Workshop value of $35 includes one hour of deliciously feral snacks, education and take-home collateral.

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