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Fat and the Moon

Yoni Duster

Yoni Duster

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Herbal powders both absorb moisture and deliver medicinal properties right where you need 'em. Our Duster helps cultivate a soothed, balanced and plant empowered Yoni environment.

Friends, if you got issues with unwanted parties cropping up on your home turf, or if you just want a great moisture absorber, this Yoni Duster is gentle and effective. Herbs like Oregon Grape Root, Black Walnut Hull and Myrrh along with moisture-absorbing white clay, make this duster a cornerstone toiletry for anyone with a Yoni.

Sup, refill.

Our new shakers are built to be used over and over again! Easy to open, refill, and clean. Alongside our aluminum shakers, we offer 2 fl oz and 4 fl oz refill packages which are home compostable and much lighter weight.

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